Sudoku for Windows Phone

Sudoku iconDownload for Windows Phone 7

Our most popular game ever finally on Windows Phone!
Play this immensly popular game mixing intellectual skills, reflection, speed and challenge.
Train your brain every day with this fun game while improving your mathematical skills.
Choose from 5 levels of difficulty from beginner to expert.
This balazing fast version of Sudoku features the most intuitive interface with millions of puzzles: you’ll never see the end of it!

10 Responses to “Sudoku for Windows Phone”

  1. PlF says:

    Version 1.1 is out.

    It’s mostly cosmetic with better colors fitting the different themes available on the phone.


  2. Chris says:

    It would really help visual scanning if the board had checkerboard shading on the groups of nine

  3. Gator says:

    The ads are TOO distracting where placed. Better at bottom.

  4. ron harding says:

    How do I pencil I’m a single number in a cell ?

  5. charles chan says:


  6. prucha says:

    Nice games

  7. morgan says:

    Great and nice!

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