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Indulge yourself with some of the hottest creatures roaming the earth.
Discover the glamour and attraction of the woman body in this succession of mouth watering pictures.
Flip through the images with a simple swipe of the finger.
More and more to come.

40 Responses to “Sexy Babes for Windows Phone”

  1. happyhour73 says:


  2. mujju says:

    Sex hot

  3. mhnnet says:

    I love sex

  4. martin stein says:


  5. mike says:

    Sexy lady

  6. thatman says:


  7. happyhour73 says:

    So so

  8. Almels says:

    So-so app. Also, if anyone knows the names of the models in picture #27 with the denim bikini, and picture #30 with the baby green shirt and black panties, please post them here, or email me at Thnx.

  9. SuperSport says:

    Why does the app access so many parts of the phone? What do you do with all the information? It grabs the owner identity, phone identity, and microphone. Why microphone???

    • PlF says:

      Hi and thanks a lot for using our apps and taking the time to give us feedbacks.

      The information gathered are actually done by Microsoft themselves to serve advertisement better suited to you. There is unfortunately no way for us to disable that apart not having any ads in the app.
      (we find it ridiculous too that it requires the microphone but we don’t think Microsoft is spying on you either, they are pretty reputable and honest. Hopefully.)

      As far as we are concerned, we do not have access to this information, and we do not store anything at all regarding you.
      Our policy as stated in the About page of the app is:

      Our Policy is simple:
      We do not collect or store any information at all.
      You remain master of your own destiny.

      So you don’t have to fear anything like being tracked (see the recent iPhone controversy) or losing any of your personal data to a security breach (see the recent Sony PSN outage) as we don’t store anything and don’t know a single thing about you.

      And instead of the usual lawyer gibberish you too often find in privacy policies, ours is extremely simple and gives you complete freedom: You are master of your own destiny!

      Enjoy our apps without any moderation!


  10. hezhenxing says:


  11. bucky says:


  12. Robert Smith says:

    So so

  13. conman says:

    @Almels the baby green shirt girl is misa campo

  14. maik553 says:


  15. ben says:

    Anybody know the name of the girl in photo # 6?

  16. dan says:

    Very nice app and its free even better

  17. mico says:

    So delicious

  18. ali says:

    Just sexy picture

  19. ake says:

    It’s vert h h good

  20. naresh says:

    Nice but I can’t download wall paper

  21. rahul says:

    Sexy and hot

  22. dey says:

    Thumbs up!!!

  23. Charles says:

    This would be lot better show if they did have some many fakes on make it real show them like they are be real not fakes

  24. Devraj says:

    I love these babes

  25. sid says:

    Its good be better with more from the back shots personally I’m a butt guy so hook it up

  26. natureboy says:

    There are a lot of hot babes on this site holla at your playa

  27. raju says:

    Very nice application

  28. Timel01 says:

    I have several of the apps. and two keep hanging up. Good apps when they work.

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