Chrono for Windows Phone

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On the run? Clocking a sports event?
Use this advanced stop watch to clock your own time at different sports events, or clock other people.
Record the intermediate times or lap times, pause or restart the time and reset the timers.
Whether you’re practicing sports or just clocking you pasta cooking, this application is what you need.

8 Responses to “Chrono for Windows Phone”

  1. PlF says:

    The latest version 1.2 introduces GPS tracking to track your speed, distance and altitude.
    It displays:
    - the current, maximum and average speed
    - the current, maximum and minimum altitude
    - the total distance.

    • Murer says:

      Sehr geehrte Entwickler
      Chrono ist ein gutes App, das gefällt.
      Ich vermisse das man eine Route, speichern und analysieren kann. Wär noch eine gute Erweiterung.

      Mit freundlichen Grüssen
      A. Murer

  2. A says:

    I was hoping it could time my 0-60mph and 1/4 mile times by automatically track my lap time when my speed hits 60mph and my distance hits 1/4 mile. Currently, you have to keep your eye on the road and then manually aim hit the button to lap/stop the clock. This is dangerous and inaccurate. The automatic lap/stop feature would be a unique and highly desirable!

  3. Samuele says:

    It will be really complete and helpful if:

    1- user can set a gps position (in a range) as automatic point for lap split;

    2- user can download data as gpx format (upload to dropbox or attached to a mail).

    Great and good job!

  4. Aian says:

    Just found out by Chance that Speed, distance, etc. will be tracked after having activated the stoppwatch – cool App, tnx!Aian

  5. yvon says:

    Sur le compte a rebours pourquoi faire apparaître les chiffres avant et après la sélection,
    Sinon c’est un super produit

  6. Alessio says:

    very noce app but can you add the possibility to make screenshots?

  7. Jose says:

    Como funciona la parte de distancia y altura

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