Period is the new PastaGAPP tracking your period for you

PastaGAPP’s Period application helps you track your menstrual cycle with ease.

Enter the date of your last period and you will know when to expect the next one along with the important dates of your cycle like your ovulation day.

Windows Phone Marketplace Period

As all PastaGAPPs, this PastaGAPP is available in all languages supported by the Windows Phone Marketplace:
- English
- German
- French
- Spanish
- Italian

With only 350 applications in the Windows Phone Marketplace so far, PastaGAPP is one of the first players with 3 applications approved.

Download it directly from the Windows Phone Marketplace on Zune.

More features will be available soon in upcoming update so check out the official support page for Period from PastaGAPP to stay up to date.


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